Privat Discret Service Bratislava

Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday,
according to telephone agreement
Cover price: Varies.
Payment info: Cash.
Food: Privat is located within walking distance of several restaurants. VIP guests can place and order for food with the club's staff for delivery direct to your booth.
Atmosphere: Very nice, large living room with terrace and two designer badrooms
Parking: Free near the Privat Club


Bratislava is famous for blurring the lines separating concepts and there's no better example of that than Privat Club . A gentleman's club that at first glance comes across as a nightclub, Privat Club straddles both concepts flawlessly.

The main showroom is decked out like any high-end privat clubs. There are dark, rich colors and plush seating that looks more comfortable than intimidating.

Because Privat Club is at the top of the list when it comes to gentleman's clubs in Sin City, be advised that lowbrow behavior probably isn't going to be tolerated for very long. This is a nice place and, well, you should be nice, too.